The happy mama postpartum package puts you as a newborn mother centre-stage. After childbirth, you want to look after your baby in the best possible way. These treatments are focused on recovery, cleansing and relaxation in the first week after childbirth. Feel-good moments for yourself after the hard work of pregnancy and labour.

To accelerate the healing process, you are pampered for three days with special herbal stamp massages, herbs to steam with, body-wraps and scrubs. The massage is carried out by hand and with warm herbal stamps. The herbal steam helps the vagina and the womb to recover faster. The scrub and the body-wrap nurture the skin and make it supple again.

The effects are noticeable in many ways. Stitches recover faster, infections can be avoided, nurturing for the skin and complete relaxation. In Thailand, this ritual is done in hospitals for seven days by professional masseurs. In The Netherlands, we start this treatment as of day 3 or 4 after a vaginal birth or after four to six weeks after a Caesarean section because the body and primarily the wound take a little longer to recover. I’m doing this ritual during three consecutive days or if you prefer you can also book one single treatment for one day. The choice is yours!

The treatment takes place in the comfort of your own home. In this way the newborn mother receives unique and personal attention. Some mothers prefer to receive the massage not in their own home, but in my practice specially when there are more kids running around, home is not always the best place to relax. Everything is possible.

They say that the first few days after your labour there is no time for anything but this is the ultimate time to spend some time on mama only. It is specially in the first week that you should take time for this because after this week everybody is back in the daily routine.  Another often-heard reaction is the that the newborn mother feels very fit after the treatment and gains a lot of energy. A lot of mothers ask if I can come for an additional day. This is always possible as long as I have room in my agenda.

During the treatment it is possible to talk about your labour, the baby, yourself, but lots of mothers prefer to enjoy this ritual in silence. This treatment takes place while your “kraamzorg” is still there so she can look after the baby. It often happens that as soon as the mother relaxes, the baby falls asleep.

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me. Shortly before your due date we will be in touch in any case.

3 session package: full body massage and yonisteam 449,-

single session: full bodymassage and yonisteam 159,-

parking costs are not included

I charge a travel fee after 30 minutes : 0,63 ct/pm