Happy Mama Postpartum Treatments

Some well deserved pampering of the mother after giving birth

Becoming a mother…., What a lifechanging experience! From the moment you know you’re pregnant up untill the moment of delivery, you’re already making arrangements so your little one will not be wanting for anything when you welcome him or her into this world. Once the baby has been born all your time and dedication are for him or her. So many things are happening, so many things to learn and think of. Days go by in a rush and you hardly have time to take care of yourself.

That’s why, in this hectic time, it’s so nice (and important) to reserve some time to let yourself be pampered. Where the focus of the treatments lie in supporting your body and soul to heal, unwind and relax. Where we bring back the heat and energy the body lost during the hard work of giving birth. Where we take a moment and reflect on the special, intense, beautiful physical and emotional accomplishment you and your baby have experienced during pregnancy and delivery.

The postpartum treatments I offer find their origin in Asia. They are fully designed to help the mother release the stress, toxins and adrenaline left behind in the body and support the emotional and physical healing proces.

It helps you to fully relax, empty the mind and have a quiet moment of up to 2,5hrs just for yourself.

The treatments take place in the safe environment of your own bedroom. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home and your baby is being taken care of by the ‘kraamzorg’ or partner/babysitter. (Of course there is always room during the treatment to feed the baby if necessary).

We can start with the treatment(s) about 4 days after delivery. This to be sure that in case you have stitches they have healed enough to receive a treatment. It’s always possible to book more days and/or treatments if you’re interested.

In the chapter Mama Postpartum Treatments you’ll find more information about the different kind of treatments and what they entail. A list of the packages I offer and their corresponding prices can be found in the chapter Postpartum Treatment Packages.

Sometimes, due to different circumstances, it’s not always possible to schedule a postpartum treatment in the first couple of weeks after giving birth. Don’t worry for we can still schedule a treatment for up to 8 weeks after delivery. You will still profit from the benefits for your body is still recuperating and healing. Every support you give yourself is still beneficiary for your body and soul and overall well-being.

Mama Postpartum Treatments

After the challenge of pregnancy and delivery you deserve to be rewarded!

In the postpartum days/weeks it should be a must for every mother to reserve time to let herself be pampered and thus be able to fully relax physically and mentally. To give herself the boost she neede to speed up the proces of healing, detoxation and cleansing.

Up from 4 days after delivery I give postpartum treatments in the safe environment of your own home. They find their origin in Thailand and Malaysia and are especially designed to give the postpartum mother the boost and kickstart (mentally and physically) she needs.

In the following text I will further explain the diffent treatments, their meaning and the benefits they offer.

Bengkung bellybind for the postpartum mother

A loving embrace to support/comfort you after the emptiness left behind in your belly


Bengkung Belly Binding is an ancient Malaysian method of wrapping the postpartum mother’s hips and belly with a long narrow piece of muslin cloth (17mtrs). It’s an effective and important method to help support the mother in her recovery. By giving constant pressure around the hips and abdomen it will help speed up the release of excessive blood, fluids and air left behind in the belly. It also supports the healing of the pelvis and will help the mother ‘close’ this area after giving birth.

The Postpartum Belly Binding has many more benefits which are stated below:

  • Because of the many layers of fabric you have a 360˚ support
  • Gives support to the back, hips, abdomen and ribcage
  • Helps put the back organs in their rightful position
  • Prevents a woman from slouching during breastfeeding. Helps and supports in adopting the right posture and so stimulates bringing the baby to the cheast instead of the other way around
  • Speedier toning down of the uterus after giving birth
  • Support with diastasis recti
  • Keeps the abdominal area warm which is necessary for healing
  • Gives emotional support. After birth a woman may feel overwhelmed by emotions. The bellybind makes her feel safe and comforted

Traditionally the Malaysian Belly Bind is worn for the entire postpartum “confinement” period. This is 30-40 days in the cultures that observe this practice. This is unpractical for modern day living, and the results diminish after a week or two. We’ve found the best Belly Binding length to be 12-24 hours for 5 – 10 days minimum and up to 6 weeks postpartum. After 6 weeks it is recommended to add pelvic floor and low impact abdominal exercises.

The Bengkung bellybind takes place in the comfort of your own home (or possibly hospital or maternity hotel). I will provide sufficient explanation so you can wrap yourself in either alone or with your partner.


Postpartum Mama Massage


After giving birth you want to take care of your little one in the best way possible. Therefore this massage focusses both on relaxation and a speedy recovery in your postpartum weeks. With soft touches of the hands and warmed up herbal stamps, filled with specially selected herbs to support the postpartum mama, you will be lovingly massaged. The body will be stimulated to release it’s toxins and adrenaline much faster and will be given extra support in it’s healingproces.

The Mama Massage is always given in combination with a herbal steam bath (yoni steam) which also supports the womb and vagina in their recovery. It also eases the pain ‘down below’ and helps prevent inflammation/infections. But more information about the benefits of the steam bath follows.

This massage is defenitely a well deserved pampering after all the hard work you did during pregnancy and labour. And not to mention the following healing benefits you’ll have which are very helpful in supporting you and your postpartum body:

  • Quicker retraction of the womb
  • Strong decrease in infections
  • Supporting a healthy lactation
  • Decrease in postnatal pains
  • Decrease of swelling/oedema
  • Stimulance for the blatter to heal quicker
  • Better bloodcirculation
  • Relief of back-neck-shoulder pains
  • Decrease in stress hormones
  • Supports you in a faster physical and emotional recovery

The massage/treatments can be booked for one or three days (more is always possible after deliberation).


Yoni Steam

Healing herbal sauna for the vagina and uterus


The Nung Thaan (yoni steam) is a traditional Thai herbal steam for the vagina and uterus.

For about 20 minutes I will sit you down on a comfortable chair with an opening in the center. To keep you warm, and so no steam will escape, I will cover your legs with a towel or blanket and let the steam work it’s healing magic.

The herbs used in the yoni steam have some wonderful (healing) benefits:

  • Stimulates a faster recovery of stitches
  • Stimulates shrinking of the uterus to it’s original size/position
  • Removes loggia left behind
  • Nurtures, cleanses and supports the healing of wounds
  • Calms down swelling and infections

The yoni steam is a part of the Postpartum Mama Massage but can also be booked in combination with other treatments.

Moxa Treatment

Feel your body glowing with comforting warmth

With the moxa treatment we use a ‘stick’ containing herbs that are tightly pressed together. When the moxa stick is lit it will radiate an intense warmth that, when held above certain accupuncture points on the back and belly, will bring back a comforting warmth in your body. The treatment finds it’s origins in traditional Chinese healthcare and fully focusses on bringing back/boosting up the life energy (Chi) your body used/lost during pregnancy and labour. Because of the internal warming it activates the energysystem, also known as meridians, which is beneficial for your bloodcirculation and vital energy in the back, hips and abdomen. The warmth that radiates from the moxa stick is very intense and has a calming effect.


Belly Massage with Castor Oil

This light massage of the belly with the castor oil helps the organs return to their normal position. It helps stimulate an increase in the production of breastmilk and can be beneficial for the healing proces after a caesarean.

The castor oil is a thick, syruppy substance/oil which I use combination with the following essential oils:

Patchouli: Stimulates the drainage of bodily fluids, has a warming effect, helps keep balance, stability, puts reason aside and strengthens with weakness/sickness

Mandarin: Calms, helps with digestion problems, soothes cramps, rinses the skin, creates a sense of wellness and helps remove toxins left behind in the body.

The treatments are all a well deserved physical and emotional treat you can award yourself with or give to a friend/partner. When giving them I’ll create a serene/quiet environment, take ample time to fully pamper the mother and help/support her with a speedy recovery.

If you’re having trouble relaxing at home (maybe you have more kids running around etc) it’s always possible to have the massage in my practice.

Sometimes people think that in the postpartum days/weeks it’s too hectic to take time for themselves to be pampered. But this is actually the best time! There is the ‘kraamzorg’ who can take care of the baby and often the partner still has a couple of days off from work.

I do give the advice, that when you’re certain you want to have one of the treatments, to make a reservation. Time will be reserved around your due date so you’re always certain you will receive one of the treatments in the first couple of postpartum weeks. It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure about which treatment to go for. You can still decide what fits you best after you’ve given birth.

Of course it’s always possible to check if I still have availability if you haven’t made a reservation. I will do my utmost best to schedule an appointment. If this is not possible I can always ask my colleague Layla if she has any time available.

The packages I offer, with their corresponding prices and some additional information, can be found in the chapter Postpartum Treatment Packages.




Unfortunately it happens that a pregancy ends before it’s time. The reasons why are numerous and always have an impact on the emotional and physical well-being of the mother/woman.

In the emotional time after a miscarriage it’s very important to lovingly nurture and take care of your body and soul. The treatments are well equiped to help give you the support and attention your body and soul deserve, and need, to heal. They help you to lovingly unwind and unload physically and emotionally.


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